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NetFlow Auditor Overview

Unrivalled network visibility

See whats happening inside your network

NetFlow Auditor provides superior scalable and granular network traffic analysis and intelligent intrusion detection to identify abnormal traffic flows.

Highly fault tolerant with real-time monitoring, long-term trending, reporting. NetFlow Auditor learns and alerts on network behavior anomalies for; Network Security forensics, DDoS, NBAD, Intelligent Baseline Alerting, Real-time and Trending network analysis of Usage, Packets, Conversations and 95th percentiles for security, capacity planning and billing purposes.

Quick, Easy & Flexible
With just a few clicks, you can have absolute network traffic visibility with performance root-cause analytics, anomaly detection and granular network forensics. Flexible Templates, Multiviews and unique Visualizations.

Security Forensics
Address security blind spots highlight P2P, DDoS, Botnet, Long Talkers, Streaming and other hidden anomalies. Monitor every interface, host, conversation, route-path, application, location, tcp flag, QoS class and more.

Perfomance Monitoring
Collects Granular Records of who is doing what, where, when, with whom and for how long with detailed root-cause traffic analysis.

Anomaly Detection
Intelligently learns intensive baseline profiles of your network to quickly detect and isolate security and performance anomalies.

Scalable & Granular
Superior collection technology for volumes of sustained and burst flows per second. Superior archival technology for depth of collection and hierarchical views from multiple collectors.

Trending & Billing
Compare, quantify and baseline traffic usage by business group, location, AS, QoS and application daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Calculate 95th percentile or usage based billing and overages.

Supports Cisco NetFlow v5/7/9, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, NetStream, VMWare and Flexible NetFlow

Although Netflow Auditor scales well beyond any other tool in this genre there are times where absolute granularity is scientifically achievable and times when its not! In larger flow environments such as ISP and Campus networks please start by running with the Netflow Auditor Performance evaluation available for download above. It will give you the best mix of granularity and performance and product familiarity. For customers whose requirements are for very deep forensics and compliance please email and request a Netflow Auditor Professional or Enterprise Demonstration from your local Netflow Auditor sales representative in your region or at

Please note that Long-Term Trending is not enabled by default! - Please send email to for instructions on how to enable and use Long-Term analytics for Trending and Billing.

Redhat/Centos 6.x installation - Netflow Auditor v7 has been Quality Assured on 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 of Redhat and Centos. Please follow special installation directions under the file download. Use these instructions to install NetFlow v6.0.4 on Redhat/Centos 6.0. If you have any issues please dont hesitate to ask us for help

netflow auditor delivers results

NetFlow Auditor constantly keeps its eyes on your Network and provides total visibility to quickly identify and alert on who is doing what, where, when, with whom and for how long.

Total Network Visibility

  • Pro-actively manage and troubleshoot network and application performance issues
  • Understand the impact of voice, viruses, hacking, multicast, DNS, peer-to-peer and worms on your network.
  • Accurately plan network changes and new application roll-outs.
  • Justify bandwidth upgrades using NetFlow traffic analysis.
  • Validate WAN Optimization schemes with pre-post deployment assessments.
  • Proactive traffic analysis ensures usage policies are enforced.
  • Archive information for regulatory and compliance requirements.

Absolute Scalability

  • Monitoring massive core traffic flows
  • Optimizing peering traffic
  • Comprehensive Capacity Planning
  • Enables comparative baselining of any element
  • Monitoring and managing service level agreements
  • Pro-actively manage and troubleshoot network and application performance issues
  • Detailed billing

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